Is Bieber human?

I had to do the dishes. Bummer. Just before to dive in, i checked my Facebook account and in my newsfeed, I saw this:

Now, Jefferson Bethke is an American youtuber and author that I look up to (check it out, he is good!) so, even though I couldn’t stand the “Baby baby baby oooh” since it first came out of Bieber’s mouth, I thought, oh why the heck not, and launched a playlist while pouring some dishsoap in the sink. One song particulary moved me : “I’ll show you”.

It’s like they want me to be perfect

When they don’t even know that I’m hurting

‘Cause life’s not easy, I’m not made out of steel

Don’t forget that I’m human, don’t forget that I’m real

Act like you know me, but you never will.

When I heard this verse, I teared up. I suddenly realised I didn’t consider him as a person, as a human. And he was not the only one. All of them, all the TV stars, the influencal politicians, the one I only know through a screen or a newspaper. I forgot that all the Biebers, Cyrus and Trumps were also the Justins, Mileys and the Donalds. By means of seeing them from behind my laptop, they became just that: a two-dimensional moving picture. I forgot they had the ability to feel. I forgot that fame, money and success could not make them immune to what can hurt me, daily.  And so, if they happened to do or say something I did not approuve of, they should be ashamed of themselves, they were pathetic. And that was only me warming-up: “He sucks!”, “she’s got no talent”, “he’s so dumb”, “she’s ugly”, “he is just full of shit”. Maybe it’s just me though but from what I can hear, read and see I’m sure I’m not alone in this. I do think it is a problem, problem that has been worsen by social media especially. Yeah, Twitter I’m looking at you. Oh and don’t think I forgot you Facebook’s and Youtube’s comments section. It seems to be the new normal to unwind in these hot spots. The violence, hate and crualty of the words are sometimes heart wrenching. So many attacks on gifts, skills but more and foremost on identity… To me, it rises the questions: what about respect? Is it earned or innate? Are some people not worthy of it? On which criteria? We all have some kind of points of view on this but let’s do it backwards, shall we?

How about us? Are we worthy of respect? Up front it might be weird to answer. Alright then, what happened when someone show us a lack of respect without even knowing us? Do we feel it’s okay? Most probably our answer is no. And we would be right. Or at least that’s the way I would answered. But then why should we do something that would hurt us to someone else? On what ground? Does he fail to reach our standards? Fair enough. So what about people who does not respect us because we don’t fit their criterias? Is that okay, then? I think not.

One of my favorite person once said “In everything do to others as you would have them do to you”. Isn’t it a great principle to live by? Something I start to realize for myself is “it’s not because you can that you should”. Freedom of speech is of great value, to express our opinions is crucial to democracy but do we have to use this form, these words? Do we have to spit this poison? Are you not simply tired of being upset? I know I am.


It seems anger, offense, hatred, violence are flaming up everywhere around me. You most probably noticed it too. There is not just one day that goes by when I hear people that appreciate each other, friends, insult each other. It’s all in good fun, you say? Alright. Maybe. But words have meaning. In the other hand, how many times do I hear compliments or conforting words? Not enough, to my taste. Definitly less, for sure. And when it’s not friends on campus, it’s on TV, in newspapers, on Facebook or on Youtube. The further away the people are from us, from our circles, the more we mean our words. And they are loud. They are so loud. All this violence… I’m so sick of it. Where is kindness? Where is empathy? Where is love?

Let’s bring it back.


On this, have a great day,


With love,


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