About me



My name is Aloïs, I’m french and 23. I study English and German. I’m married to my best friend and lover. No kids. Yet. I can be quite a simple guy: I love video games, movies, football (for my you my American readers, soccer), graphic design & multimedia. I play also guitar and I love to sing. Didn’t say I was great. Only love to. I also read but more self-improvement books. Yah, because you need to know: I love to grow. It is a kind of obsession, I want to develop, to be the best version of myself. The journey is long but well… a step at a time right?

And the next step is for me to start a blog. Why? Well, simply because I would like to improve my writing skills in English but also in French and German. That’s why all (okay… let’s say “most of”) my articles will be in the three languages, this way my translation skills will enhance as well. It is important, obviously, for my studies but having my degree is not my highest objective. Someday I want to be able to write stories. Stories about knights and dragons, loves and battles, victories and defeats. To be able to create a whole universe in which people can lost themselves for a couple of hours. To be able to put to bed my kids, with stars in their eyes, having read to them. That’s what I want to achieve.

And to do so, I will write about the different things I like (or love). You already have a small list above. I might also talk about things a bit more general like, for instance, my vision of life or my faith (I’m a Christian).

I hope you’ll enjoy the read and walk a few steps with me.

On this,

See you later,